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Awesome Shabby Chic Living Room Design

6 Beautiful Shabby Chic Living Room Design Idea For An Attractive Impression To Residential

Want to look beautiful and warm living room? Try changing from minimalism to shabby chic design. The design utilizes old-fashioned and brightly colored antique decoration as a complement to the interior design, which of course is far different from the minimalist design. Even so, you can apply this shabby chic design in a minimalist living room. Shabby chic is one of the interior design styles that features an antique yet elegant design. The design style of this one is very identical to the use of old-fashioned furniture with floral motifs that although ancient still look beautiful. It has the characteristics and characteristics of a romantic vintage because it often uses soft pastel colors.

This design style is suitable to be applied to any room in your home, not least for the living room. The impression of a sexy and elegant vintage becomes the characteristics and strengths of this old school design style. The shabby chic decoration is guaranteed to give the impression of your living room. It’s time to make a sweet and memorable first impression for guests in a shabby chic style. If you want to apply this style to your living room, you can refer to and inspire the images that we have presented below. Let’s look at the following review.Read More »6 Beautiful Shabby Chic Living Room Design Idea For An Attractive Impression To Residential

Cozy Gray Living Room Idea

6 Enchanting Gray Living Room Idea You Must See

The living room is a room that is usually located at the very front of the house. Having a limited-sized guest room is certainly not a problem if you can get around and arrange it properly. Many things that you must pay attention to and pay close attention to decorating the living room to keep it looking spacious and airy. With the right arrangement, your living room will give you a comfortable feeling and can make everyone in it feel at home.

For those of you who have a minimalist home, using white paint is probably the safest option you can choose for the living room. Even though there are many other colors that will not eliminate the minimalist impression of your home such as pastel and gray colors. Currently, gray is the third neutral color after black and white. Gray is the right color for all situations and needs, including the living room. Don’t be afraid to use gray, because gray isn’t always gray. With the right mix of colors, lighting, and design choices, gray can also look fresh, bright, trendy, modern, even feminine for the living room. Below we have presented some gray living room ideas for you.Read More »6 Enchanting Gray Living Room Idea You Must See

Cool Living Room Paint Idea

7 Amazing Living Room Paint Idea To Make Your Living Room More Interesting

It turns out the color of the living room paint can also describe the character of the occupants of the house. Having a living room paint that suits your family’s dreams is very confusing, such as you don’t have a special view. But if designed with great can not be denied, paint your living room will present a comfortable and peaceful environment. A beautiful and elegant appearance, you may not have to spend a little money. As long as you can have ideas, inspiration, and brilliant design concepts, of course, there will be a lot of budget savings.

Many ways you can do to decorate your home, one of which is to choose the color of the living room paint. Therefore it is expected that the living room paint that we will share next can provide additional ideas for making living room paint. In determining a paint of your living room as a homeowner not only considers the effectiveness and functional aspects, but we also need to have a thought about an aesthetic that you can get from designs, models and motifs from various references. Below we have presented some ideas for your living room paint as your inspiration.Read More »7 Amazing Living Room Paint Idea To Make Your Living Room More Interesting

Beautiful Rustic Living Room Design

6 Charming Rustic Living Room Design Idea For A Comfortable Living Room

A luxurious living room design not only has to show a glamorous and sparkling appearance, and the cost is very high for decoration. Because to get luxury, do not always have to use expensive materials, you can also have a living room with a luxurious atmosphere and appearance with a rustic-style living room design. Natural materials such as wood, rattan, bamboo, stone, and various other complementary accessories, can create a luxurious look in your living room. With appropriate design and decoration, you can bring the luxury of these natural elements.

The living room is the interior of the house where families gather and friends hang out at home. In addition, when entering the house, the living room from the first room is visible. Therefore, presenting the design and decorating a rustic living room for your home must be very pleasant and also beautiful. Interested in applying natural materials to the interior of your living room? Some of the following rural living room pictures you can make inspiration for the living room in your home. Let’s look at the following review.Read More »6 Charming Rustic Living Room Design Idea For A Comfortable Living Room

Incredible Home Ceiling Design

9 Amazing Living Room Ceiling Ideas To Give a More Beautiful Look At Home

The living room ceiling design is one reason the interior of the house is more impressive. Why? Many people always ignore the ceiling of this living room even though the presence of an attractive and cool ceiling is one of the concepts of how the living room becomes more impressive. Many inspirations that you can apply from some of the ideas below, a variety of living room ceiling models produce a very impressive interior design. No need luxury, it’s just that you need a little creativity to make the living room ceiling become more unique and different from the others.Read More »9 Amazing Living Room Ceiling Ideas To Give a More Beautiful Look At Home

Extraordinary Mediterranean Living Room

7 Amazing Mediterranean Living Room Design Idea You Can Imitate

Mediterranean living room design is not a cheap and affordable design style. The design elements and the room decorative elements used are a mixture of vintage elements with high-quality materials which are quite expensive. The living room certainly has a specific function. The function of space when you spend leisure time is just to relax while watching television or chat with light topics with your friends or family. When you start thinking about getting the perfect living room design, you don’t have to neglect its function and purpose. Choose the right design style and right. Don’t forget the choice of colors, furniture, decoration and also the best accents.

The Mediterranean style living room design has the same appearance as the bedroom design or even the kitchen design with the same concept. You must have an integrated design to get a Mediterranean-style room view. There are a sense and formal impression in the interior of this Mediterranean style living room, and at the same time, there is also a feeling full of sophistication. A perfectly designed Mediterranean style living room must have important details that must be possessed, one of which is a fireplace. Also, the use of antiques or vintage accents can help in achieving the design concept. Below we present some of the Mediterranean living room designs for you. Let’s look at the following pictures.Read More »7 Amazing Mediterranean Living Room Design Idea You Can Imitate

Extraordinary Small Living Room Design

8 Charming Small Living Room Design Idea For You To Try At Home

How to decorate a small living room is not an easy job. We will always experience a dilemma between meeting the need for function or aesthetics. Problem two things that can not be negated just like that, or just choose one of the two, interior design is not like that. You must be able to have both, and also cannot ignore the third factor, the psychology of space. Despite having a small living room, it is still possible for you to fulfill the three main goals of interior design. Don’t worry, there are a number of small living room designs below that have succeeded in changing circumstances that seem unlikely to be the opposite. Hopefully, the small living room designs that we will share today can help you in finding inspiration for a small living room.

If the design of your living room is small and might make the design of your dream work for your home and living room not yet realized, don’t worry! A small living room should not be an obstacle in design, you can do a number of brilliant ideas for the beauty of the living room. Therefore we have come to present beautiful designs from the best works of designers that are challenging for all these circumstances, whether in a narrow area or lack of space. All can be created to stay comfortable and relaxed for you. Here are some small living room designs that you can try for your home.Read More »8 Charming Small Living Room Design Idea For You To Try At Home

Cool Scandinavian Living Room Design

8 Beautiful Scandinavian Living Room Design Ideas To Inspire You

The neat and minimalist Scandinavian living room interior design makes your tiny room feel more spacious, warm and comfortable. Scandinavian style is a blend of old or classic decoration with modern, Scandinavian style concepts emphasize calm and calm colors. If you have just heard interior design in Scandinavian style for the first time, please browse through our article. I hope you can get to know this article better, which will discuss the living room in this Scandinavian style.

The Scandinavian style was born as a form of response or response to a prolonged winter where the light from nature entering the room is very little. Scandinavian design uses bright colors and furniture from wood where one fixes for lighting so that it enters the room more visibly and to create a warm atmosphere. The Scandinavian style reflects more the character of the homeowner through the simple ideas that they apply to the interior design of the house. The minimalist decoration concept applied has been approved. Below we have presented some Scandinavian living room design ideas for you. You can make the following pictures as inspiration in a Scandinavian living room.Read More »8 Beautiful Scandinavian Living Room Design Ideas To Inspire You