DIY Glass Terrarium Design

Oval Top Glass Terrarium

7 Amazing DIY Glass Terrarium Design Ideas For Your Inspiration

Are you familiar with the term terrarium? A terrarium is a plant in containers made of glass or other transparent media such as plastic that is used for research needs.
Inside the container is already arranged natural biosphere. Since the terrarium experiment was successful, the terrarium has been widely applied by ornamental plant lovers. Now the glass container for the terrarium is increasingly varied in shape. Not only glass vases, but some objects around the house can also be used to make their own terrarium.

Terrarium plants are grouped into two types, namely wet terraces that are resistant to high humidity and dry terrarium that can grow in low light conditions. Some types of plants for dry terrarium include cactus, succulents, earth stars (cryptanthrus). In addition to small size, all three terrarium plants, including slow growth. While on a wet terrarium, you can display a more colorful glass garden composition with plants from the family of lathe and Maranatha, dracaena, Estonia, and Gesneriaceae. Most of these terrarium plants look attractive with fine hair and colorful leaves. Here are some glass terrarium garden design ideas that you can try to make inspiration.

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