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Cool Minimalist Bathroom Design

6 Awesome Minimalist Bathroom Design Idea You Should Try

Who would not want to have a bathroom that is cool, clean, and makes you feel at home for a long shower? The minimalist bathroom can be your choice for those who are still looking for the right bathroom design ideas. Minimalist design themes, especially minimalist bathroom designs are still often used as a source of inspiration because they provide a feeling of comfort, clean and always look modern at any time. A minimalist bathroom with a simple design also means you can avoid piles of unnecessary objects and just collect dust and bacteria.

Along with the popularity of minimalist design houses, interior decoration with a minimalist concept is also becoming a trend nowadays. Its charming appearance and comfortable atmosphere make minimalist interior decoration a favorite of many people. Interior decoration with a minimalist concept can be applied throughout the room in your homes such as the living room, family room, bedroom, kitchen, and even bathroom. Below we have presented a number of minimalist bathroom designs for you. The following pictures can be used as inspiration to build a minimalist bathroom.Read More »6 Awesome Minimalist Bathroom Design Idea You Should Try

Incredible Blue Bathroom Design Ideas

8 Most Beautiful Colorful Bathroom Design Ideas You Must See

Creating a colorful bathroom design will indeed create a new atmosphere in your bathroom. The colorful design will create a new spirit that appears when you enter the bathroom. This type of color will not be the same between one and another, according to the color that is your favorite, of course, that can arouse your new spirit.

Not only in the bathroom, actually colorful designs can also be applied to other rooms such as bedrooms and living rooms. However, if applied to the bathroom, usually most bathroom designs will carry a minimalist and simple concept because the area of ​​space is generally not as large as other rooms. But if the bathroom is given a colorful touch, the bathroom will feel more alive.
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