8 Wonderful DIY Floating Shelf Ideas Which You Can Apply at Home

DIY Bathroom Floating Shelf Ideas

The DIY floating shelf ideas are one that is easy and simple to store at home. It only requires an empty spot on the wall so that it can be built with floating storage like this. This concept is a modern storage design style that is widely applied in a variety of home designs today. Having storage is a special thing to make the room look more presentable and impressive, so the room will be more comfortable and you will become more comfortable.

Therefore, look at some of the ideas below about the floating shelf design style that you can apply in various rooms in the house, ranging from bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and even in the living room.

The Following Are Wonderful DIY Floating Shelf Ideas Which You Can Apply at Home

#1 DIY Bathroom Floating Shelf

Simple Floating SHelves Ideas

Simple and easy style for shelves in this bathroom will be easy for you to make, just look for white shelves to make it more beautiful and cool.

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DIY Bathroom Floating Shelf Ideas

Use used wood like this to bring rustic style to your bathroom shelf. You can put various accessories on the rack to add to its beauty.

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#2 DIY Bedroom Floating Shelf

Incredible Bedroom Floating Shelves

The style of this bedroom will be simpler by making a wall shelf model like this, the room will be more interesting and impressive with a tree branch model.

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Awesome Bedroom Floating Shelf Ideas

You can put a floating shelf on the headboard of the bed so that it seems more simple than having to put it on the wall of the house.

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#3 DIY Kitchen Floating Shelf

Kitchen Storage Design Ideas

If in the kitchen, this rack will have a million benefits that can make the kitchen more attractive and less cluttered.

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Fantastic Bedroom Floating Shelf Ideas

This rack is not only a place to store items in the kitchen such as plates, bowls, and spoons. You can also make it as a kitchen decoration display to make it more attractive.

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#4 DIY Living Room Floating Shelf

Marvelous Living Room Floating Rack Ideas

A living room with a floating shelf will make the room more attractive. You can make a display on the wall to make it look more beautiful.

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Best Floating Wood Shelves Ideas

This display decoration living room that has a more established and awesome look for you to imitate. You can also put the TV on the wall of the house so you don’t need to add furniture anymore.

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Hopefully, this article can provide inspiration for you in making floating storage at home.

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