10 Modern Living Room Decoration With DIY Floating Shelves Ideas

Easy DIY Floating Shelves Ideas

In creating a modern living room decoration is certainly not the same as decor with a vintage style, rustic and farmhouse style decoration. Modern style decoration is identical to the design that is always updated and up to date, one of them is by designing a DIY floating wall shelf as a sweetener of the interior of the living room to make it look elegant. The idea of ​​DIY floating shelves is part of the beauty of the modern interior of the living room that needs to be well designed. Although DIY certainly cannot be carelessly embellished in the living room, this is because that can result in the beauty of the interior, the living room is certainly not good and has a careless impression.

The living room is a favorite place for all families, not only that, but the living room is also a function to receive guests if there are guests who want to visit our home. So it is very multifunctional for a living room, so don’t be surprised if the interior of the living room is always maintained its beauty not to eliminate the modern impression on its decoration and style.

The Following Are Modern Living Room Decoration With DIY Floating Shelves Ideas

The wall shelf functions as a wall display or as a storage area for your belongings in the living room so that the living room is neatly arranged and not cluttered because many of your items do not have a place.

Wonderful DIY Floating Shelves Ideas

This model of wall shelf design is suitable for you to put on the wall in a gray-clad living room. The white wall shelf will be very appropriate if you mix it with gray color so it produces a dazzling appearance.

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Unique Wall Shelves Design ideas

This unique wall shelf decoration can make the interior of the living room sweeter. You can set flower pots on the living room wall. However, you must first know the condition of the shelf that is possible to support the existence of flower pots, so they will not fall.

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Most Beautiful Living Room Floating Shelves Ideas

Floating wall shelf decorations are suitable for a more modern feel in the living room. Wall shelves with a unique rectangular model can put a variety of decorations, such as ornamental plants, wall clocks and photo displays of your family.

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Marvelous Floating Shelves Decoration

This wall shelf decoration you can put snugly behind the living room sofa chair, This will give a comfortable impression for you. When you sit down, you can easily enjoy the beauty of wall hangings with a variety of amazing wall decoration displays.

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Living Room With Floating Shelves Ideas

In this type of floating wall decorations for spacious living room walls. If your living room is modern and minimalist, it certainly isn’t right if you use this type of wall rack. By using this rack, the living room will seem more modern industrial.

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Inspiring DIY Floating Shelves ideas

This type of wall rack can be placed close to your work table. You can put work lights on this wall shelf so that it will be comfortable when you are working at home. In addition, some decoration, you can put it there.

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Fabulous DIY Floating Shelves Ideas

This type of wall shelf is suitable if you want a bookshelf in the living room. By using this type of wall shelf, you no longer need to think about the area of the living room. The narrow living room will be comfortable if you use a wall rack like this.

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Easy DIY Floating Shelves Ideas

This shelf design is very popular because its unique and simple design will make the living room more popular if you use this type of wall rack. With a blend of sweet colors that can make the interior of the living room seem modern.

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Contemporary DIY Floating Shelves

This rack design idea is suitable for you who decorate a beach style living room. You can put beach accessories on this shelf so that it will be a very beautiful wall decoration. Don’t forget to give a contrasting color that matches the color of your wall.

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Best DIY Wall Shelves Design Ideas

This type of decoration is like a shelf in a home kitchen. With a model like this actually already quite old, but because this shelf is still beautiful if you put it in the living room, then this shelf remains a favorite shelf in today’s modern living room.

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Hopefully, this idea can be your inspiration in changing the interior design style of the living room to be more awesome.

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