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Best Bookshelf Design Idea

5 Creative Bookshelf Design Idea for Storing Your Book Collection

For those who like reading hobbies, surely many have a collection of books. Sangking many, sometimes we are confused to organize, and arrange these books. Stacked and irregular book conditions can disturb our view. The house feels cramped, and bushes so that makes us not feel long at home. In addition, books that are left piling up like that can physically damage the book. When we look for books that are needed it also feels difficult because they have to search first among other books. The house which is a palace for us, of course, must be neat, clean, beautiful so that it is comfortable to live in.

Well, to anticipate all of this, you need a shelf to store your books in a mess. The use of creative bookshelves is an intelligent solution that can answer the need for book storage, as well as an art object that can beautify your room. For those of you who are interested in presenting creative bookshelves at home, this bookshelf model is most suitable for displaying a collection of books. Let’s look at the following pictures.Read More »5 Creative Bookshelf Design Idea for Storing Your Book Collection

Awesome Bathroom Wood Shelf Design

6 Attractive Bathroom Wood Shelf Design Idea For Storage in Your Bathroom

If you have a mini-sized home, space limitations would be one of the classic problems that you face every day. No exception in the bathroom. In fact, as one of the most private spaces in the house, ideally, the bathroom should always be neat so that the shower routine always works to make you feel refreshed and relaxed again. Related to this, placing a shelf in the bathroom can be a solution. This bathroom rack has a variety of shapes and materials, including Stainless, iron, wood, and many others. Now on this occasion, we will share the idea of ​​bathroom shelves made of wood.

Having a wooden shelf is one of the greatest hopes for every family. The time to get rid of fatigue after work is to relax with family. If the former residence used as a shelter from weather changes and to protect themselves from the brunt of wild animals, but the use of housing in this modern era for a place to rest after completing various activities outside and also used as a container for strengthening harmony between families. Therefore, everyone certainly has a different dream residence. From here we will share knowledge about the latest and popular wooden shelves. Because of the fact that in accordance with the times, a very good design will be presented to you.Read More »6 Attractive Bathroom Wood Shelf Design Idea For Storage in Your Bathroom

Amazing Hidden Storage Idea

6 The Best Hidden Storage Idea That You Can Apply At Home

This hidden storage idea is perfect for a small house or apartment. Its function is to outwit thieves, by making the place as a place to store valuables. Besides making the house so neat, and prevent us from forgetting to put certain objects. Providing adequate storage will make the house look more presentable and orderly. However, for valuable items, it takes a place that is difficult for foreigners to find.

Having a house with a space that is not too broad makes the owner must be smart to arrange the goods. If not arranged properly, the house will feel more cramped and uncomfortable. One idea that can be applied if you have a narrow home space, which is to make hidden storage. This trick can make your house feel roomy, but you can also store your belongings neatly. Some creative people succeed in making secret places that are almost impossible to find with the naked eye. Despite the lack of storage, there are smart and creative solutions that you can implement so that your items can be stored neatly and safely. Below we have provided some hidden storage ideas for you, you can mimic their designs for storage in your home.Read More »6 The Best Hidden Storage Idea That You Can Apply At Home

Beautiful Bathroom Storage Idea

6 Smart Bathroom Storage Idea For Storing Your Toiletries

Having lots of storage at home is an important part of functional home design, whether it’s in the bedroom, kitchen, storage room, dining room, or bathroom. Whether it’s with modern interiors, rustic, Asian, tropical, rustic style, or classic style, whether it’s especially in large or small bathrooms, storage areas such as shelves and cabinets to put various toiletries and hygiene and cosmetics are needed.

Often, when the bathroom also functions as a washing area, storage cabinets are even more crucial to ensure practical use of available storage space according to your needs and tastes. Therefore, often bathroom designers and decorators carefully include this storage section to make it visually appropriate and remain functional for the bathroom. Below we have presented some storage ideas for your bathroom at home. Let’s look at the following review.Read More »6 Smart Bathroom Storage Idea For Storing Your Toiletries