9 Wonderful Rooftop Garden Design Ideas For Cozy Relaxing Place

Marvelous Rooftop Garden Ideas

It is indeed a good idea to build a rooftop garden design using useful knowledge about urban farming to grow vegetables, fruit and other plants that can be consumed alone. Not only does it give you pleasure to grow your own vegetables and fruit, but this type of roof garden can also be the foundation of a profitable family business.

The rooftop garden is a garden that is built on the roof of a building to produce comfort when used as a place to relax. This park is designed to cultivate plants, provide play space, provide shade and shelter, or as a seat and green area. Anyone also certainly wants to have a garden around the house. This is because home gardens are indeed a matter of pride for every homeowner.

Here Are Rooftop Garden Design Ideas For Cozy Relaxing Place

In addition to decorative benefits, a rooftop garden can develop farming activities, control temperature, provide hydrological benefits, add aesthetics, habitat or corridors for wildlife, recreational activities, and on a large scale have ecological benefits. The art of farming in a rooftop garden is sometimes called a rooftop farming, which usually uses a green roof, hydroponics, aeroponic, or water-dynamics or potted plants.

Wonderful Rooftop garden Ideas

This is a roof garden design that can make you refresh your mind when you are experiencing boredom. This roof garden design comes with a very simple design, added with comfortable furniture when used as a place to relax all day.

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Rooftop Garden Design Ideas

Roof garden with the right lighting at night will certainly make you more comfortable when you are relaxing or chatting. You can also install other lighting lamps on the wooden deck in your roof garden to add a more romantic impression.

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Marvelous Rooftop Garden Ideas

The roof garden design is more beautiful with some colorful flowers that adorn it. Also place chairs and tables as a seat if you want to relax in your roof garden. The design of this park is very simple but very impressive and makes the mind calm.

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Incredible Rooftop Garden Ideas

On this roof garden is filled with minimalist sofa chairs and tables. You can follow this design if all you want is to breathe fresh air in your garden. Not many plant models surround it, just a few flowers to sweeten your roof garden.

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Easy Rooftop Garden Design

This roof garden uses wooden floors. Certainly very unique and different from other rooftop gardens. The use of lighting on wooden floors and also on the plants around it makes the roof garden look more luxurious.

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DIY Rooftop Garden Design ideas

In this roof garden design like a mini cafe above your house. You can add a lot of furniture if your roof garden has ample space. With a design like this, you can relax with your friends and relatives.

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Best Rooftop Garden Ideas

This design seems more luxurious. You can apply it to your garden, of course, this will spend quite a large budget. The choice of furniture can simultaneously surround your roof garden.

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Beautiful Rooftop Garden Ideas

In this design, the rooftop garden is mapped into several sections. The circular section of the park, chairs and also a dining table that you can make a place to eat together in the roof garden of your house.

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Amazing Rooftop garden Ideas

This is an example of a simple roof garden design, you can apply it if you don’t want a lot of budgets. Making this park does not spend a lot of budget because the design is simple but still comfortable when you need it even if it just removes fatigue.

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The roof garden of the house is the thing that must be made if you really have a high enough passion in terms of green open parks. Limited land in the house makes us bury our desire to have a garden around our home. This, of course, makes you rethink how you can do to have a garden around the house. Hopefully, this article can help you.

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