7 Amazing Hidden And Secret Room Ideas You Must Have

Hidden rooms how to make the most of the space in your

Hidden and Secret Room is one that is quite important for everyone, no matter how hidden the room is, people still want it as a private place and privacy for that person. Given the importance of hidden rooms, people also design hidden rooms as best they can to be a comfortable and private place.

Did you know that not only houses with neat rooms are what people want, but they also want homes with hidden rooms? Because someone wants a hidden space not only for hiding but also can be used as a private room, a place to study, to entertain themselves by seeking peace. Now for those of you who want to have a hidden room, you can follow some of the following types of hidden rooms that pandubb.com summarizes for you.

Below Are 7 Amazing Hidden And Secret Room Ideas You Must Have

Do you have the desire to have a hidden room in the house? okay, the secret room in the house should not always be used as a hiding place, but you can also make it as a private room, study, a place to entertain yourself or as a break for a moment when you need peace. Want to know what kind of secret room design, which you can apply the next time you own your home? please refer to the following various designs!

Hidden rooms how to make the most of the space in your

With a hidden room design like this picture that is interesting and amazing for those of you who have enough budget for you to be able to with a wide and long bookshelf cabinet with black schemes and look more elegant with a gallery shop as well as a closet that makes the bedroom door Your secrets are safer and invisible to others.

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Hidden Rooms You Will Want In Your Own House

such designs appear more natural in the color of wood for these hidden rooms with your collection of books or in a mini library. Unconsciously, there is a secret room that leads to the top of the stairs to get to the room, with the secret room door sliding and more does not require more space or space to open it.

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Interior Secret passage, This would be cool to

Rustic design can also be in a secret room like this picture without anyone knowing besides the door there is also a door that leads to the secret room because the decoration of the door that is attached to the wall decorated with stones attached to the wall makes your secret room difficult to find on found by someone else compile to be there.

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Secret Room Behind Bookshelf Door

with a design that is quite simple and simple to send to the hidden room on the hidden door of the room is a booklet which is enclosed as a storage area for storing your important items. with you having a hidden room you can have a simple private room.

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10 Incredible Hidden Room

creating a secret room like this is also very good with a large gallery on the wall with a large picture and behind it is a hidden room that many people don’t know about. simple and unique design for you to apply in your home.

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48 Awesome Secret Room Design Ideas

For those of you who don’t want to be complicated either, this large mirror can also be made into the entrance of a secret room and also people rarely know this because usually the mirror is only used for mirrors but in reality, there are also hidden and secret rooms.

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Secret Rooms with Hidden Doors Modern Design Ideas

Children’s toy storage can also! made a door to enter the secret room that is nice and attractive like this picture with white storage cabinets and various main cabinets that can fool others in the closet next to the secret room.

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