10 Stunning DIY Mason Jars Decoration Ideas

Mason Jar Flower Vases

DIY Mason Jars is a simple idea but the results are truly fascinating. Maybe before you often throw away Mason jars because they think garbage and not used anymore. Well, from now on you should save it until you have time to make it a unique and beautiful decoration. Maybe you are wondering if it is true that mason jars can be used as a home decoration?.

Mason Jars is a unique jar that is easily created to be used as an antique and beautiful home decoration. The beauty of mason jars is different from other decorations. Because you can be creative for whatever you want, whether as a tissue holder, a pen container, cans of sugar and coffee in the kitchen, as a container for chandeliers and many more unique and creative ideas that you can create.

Here 10 Stunning DIY Mason Jars Decoration Ideas

1. Mason Jars as a DIY tissue holder

Mason Jars as a tissue holder

You can make Mason Jars as a tissue holder. First, you spray mason jars with a color that you like and then you cover it with a burlap sackcloth and give the decoration that you want around the fabric.

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Vintage Blue Mason Jar Tissue Holder

The Mason Jars idea is an idea that is simpler than the idea in the picture above. Prepare the Mason Jars that you have, wash and clean until there is no dirt stuck to the inside and outside surfaces. Then punch the lid of the mason jars so that the tissue is easily pulled out.

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2. Mason Jars as a DIY beautiful flower vase

Mason Jar Flower Vases

To make a vase from mason jars is very easy. Spray the mason jar that you have with the colors you like. Next, put some plastic flower stems into it and ready for you to make as home decoration.

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Mason Jar Vase with Flower Frog

The picture above is DIY Mason Jars as the media or original flower pots. Choose flowers that are easy to live like frogs, insert the flower stems into a stone jar and fill enough water.

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3. Mason Jars as a DIY Kitchen Decor


You can make Mason jars a place of spices. Differentiate the places of spices in your kitchen for each type. Then give a name according to what is inside.

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Mason jar utensil holder Kitchen Utensil

To make your kitchen tool container. You can use a Mason jar as a container for spoons, forks, and other cooking utensils.

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4. Mason Jars as a DIY hanging decoration in front of the house

DIY Decorating with Mason Jars

If you have a rack that you don’t use and only store it in your warehouse, now take it out and make it your front porch decoration. Prepare several mason jars, then clean. Place it on the shelf and make it more beautiful to place some flowers in Mason Jars like the picture above.

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DIY Mason Jar Decor Ideas

You can make Mason Jars’ beautiful decoration in front of the house by hanging it. Cut mason jars, be careful when you cut because the cut glass is very sharp. Then use the sandpaper to make it not sharp because it can make you hurt. Then hang in front of your house. Fill it with various trinkets to make it more interesting.

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5. Mason Jars as the DIY bathroom decoration

DIY Mason Jar Bathroom Organizer

This Mason DIY Bathroom Organizer is very easy to make. You don’t need to do special. Just clean up. Also, the cover that you have to clean to make everything look more elegant. good luck.

image source

Rustic DIY Mason Jar Bathroom Decor

This a Rustic DIY Mason Jars Bathroom Decor. To make it yourself you can do it easily. Let the shabby Mason Jars you have. You only need to clean it and use it as a toiletry.

image source

That’s all of this idea that you may do your self at your home. Make everything different with DIY Mason Jars ideas. Have a nice day!

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