Creative Home Stair Decoration Ideas

9 Impressive Home Stair Wall Decoration Ideas You Must To Know

The idea of ​​home stair wall decoration is one way to increase the style of home interior decor to be more awesome. You can make decorations on the walls in the area of ​​the stairs, can be on the stairs or under the stairs, the most important thing is that the decor is suitable and can add sweetener to the interior of the house. Because home is a place that can always make us go home soon. Home can always make us have homesickness. The house is not only a family gathering place but also a residence that will always make us comfortable to live with your family and your loved ones.

One thing that can make a comfortable home, of course, is the warmth of the family. Another thing that can make a cozy home alias is a good design of the layout of furniture, interior design or exterior design. Well, if your house has stairs, this can be one that you can make the decor cooler. Many ways you can do on the walls around the stairs, for example, make decorations in the style of a family photo gallery or make DIY decorations, even you can make a fish pond precisely under the stairs of the house, to give a more pleasant impression in the house.Read More »9 Impressive Home Stair Wall Decoration Ideas You Must To Know

Amazing DIY Wooden Pallet

6 Amazing Creative DIY Wooden Pallet Idea To Inspire You

Wooden pallet is wooden packages made from various kinds of wood, both pure wood, plywood, or melamine. Pallets are usually used as a base to move things. In addition, pallets are also commonly used to wrap packages, so they are safe when sent. But if it is not used by you, and just piled up in your garage, wouldn’t you better try to make your own beautiful DIY furniture? That way you can get a variety of cheap furniture without having to spend a lot of money to beautify your home.

Unused wooden pallets, for example, you must think that wooden pallets are hard woodcraft for you to make and make crafts that require hard work in the manufacturing process. Therefore, try to see some of these DIY wood craft project design ideas. I have gathered some DIY wood project design ideas that you can try to decorate your home and of course, give you space to save your money when you need new furniture in your home. Because this DIY wood project can be your best unique and new idea at home.Read More »6 Amazing Creative DIY Wooden Pallet Idea To Inspire You

DIY Home Decor For Small Space

10 Extraordinary Simple DIY Home Decor Ideas For Small Space

You can apply this simple DIY home decorating idea to your home. You can apply it to the walls of the room, for example in the living room, bedroom or even in your kitchen. This decoration does not require more budget because this is the nature of creativity that you can make yourself so that it can produce cool decorations for the walls of your home.

For those of you who like the minimalist concept, the biggest challenge is choosing the right decoration products. The more you use trinkets, of course, the further you will get from the attractive impression you want to achieve. Well, why not just try the DIY technique for your minimalist room decor ideas? In addition to the relatively low cost, you can create a minimalist room decor design according to taste, definitely fit, and can be used optimally according to your wishes. At a glance you also want the walls of the house to be more beautiful with unique decorations. Here’s how to decorate the house with a new look without spending excess budget.Read More »10 Extraordinary Simple DIY Home Decor Ideas For Small Space

Best DIY Furniture ideas

8 Unique DIY Wall Shelves Design Ideas For Stunning Home Interior Decoration

DIY wall shelves design ideas in the living room can certainly change the style of interior design to be more modern. The DIY decoration on this wall is a storage that you can use to put a display or decoration that can later change the style of the interior of the house to be more impressed, especially in the living room which can be everyone’s favorite place.

To have a wall shelf, of course, it is not easy, nor is it too difficult, most importantly you have the will and determination to make the interior of the house cooler. Get a DIY decoration rack that fits your expectations, then one of the references that you should consider is looking at some of the ideas that we present below. You can innovate to make a neat wall decoration rack. For those who need inspiration about good DIY wall shelves, then you can copy some of the images below.Read More »8 Unique DIY Wall Shelves Design Ideas For Stunning Home Interior Decoration

Oval Top Glass Terrarium

7 Amazing DIY Glass Terrarium Design Ideas For Your Inspiration

Are you familiar with the term terrarium? A terrarium is a plant in containers made of glass or other transparent media such as plastic that is used for research needs.
Inside the container is already arranged natural biosphere. Since the terrarium experiment was successful, the terrarium has been widely applied by ornamental plant lovers. Now the glass container for the terrarium is increasingly varied in shape. Not only glass vases, but some objects around the house can also be used to make their own terrarium.

Terrarium plants are grouped into two types, namely wet terraces that are resistant to high humidity and dry terrarium that can grow in low light conditions. Some types of plants for dry terrarium include cactus, succulents, earth stars (cryptanthrus). In addition to small size, all three terrarium plants, including slow growth. While on a wet terrarium, you can display a more colorful glass garden composition with plants from the family of lathe and Maranatha, dracaena, Estonia, and Gesneriaceae. Most of these terrarium plants look attractive with fine hair and colorful leaves. Here are some glass terrarium garden design ideas that you can try to make inspiration.

Read More »7 Amazing DIY Glass Terrarium Design Ideas For Your Inspiration