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Oval Top Glass Terrarium

7 Amazing DIY Glass Terrarium Design Ideas For Your Inspiration

Are you familiar with the term terrarium? A terrarium is a plant in containers made of glass or other transparent media such as plastic that is used for research needs.
Inside the container is already arranged natural biosphere. Since the terrarium experiment was successful, the terrarium has been widely applied by ornamental plant lovers. Now the glass container for the terrarium is increasingly varied in shape. Not only glass vases, but some objects around the house can also be used to make their own terrarium.

Terrarium plants are grouped into two types, namely wet terraces that are resistant to high humidity and dry terrarium that can grow in low light conditions. Some types of plants for dry terrarium include cactus, succulents, earth stars (cryptanthrus). In addition to small size, all three terrarium plants, including slow growth. While on a wet terrarium, you can display a more colorful glass garden composition with plants from the family of lathe and Maranatha, dracaena, Estonia, and Gesneriaceae. Most of these terrarium plants look attractive with fine hair and colorful leaves. Here are some glass terrarium garden design ideas that you can try to make inspiration.

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Modern Marble Flooring

8 Best Marble Floor Design Ideas For Beautiful Home

The floor is the last part that is completed when building a house. Even so, the selection of floor designs cannot be underestimated. The choice of texture, material, motifs, and even the price of the floor design must be adjusted to the area and function of each room. There are various types of floor designs that have their own weaknesses and strengths because each type of floor design has different levels of resistance to loads and losses. But this time I will give you some luxurious inspiration from our selected marble floor.

Surely we want the right floor design, according to taste, and durable. Marble flooring has a beautiful design and is certainly durable. That way you can create a luxurious atmosphere in your home through a floor full of amazing impressions. There are various beautiful marble floor design ideas for you to try with a variety of motifs and colors that can create beauty and luxury that fits right in your home. This design does look very luxurious and amazing for you to use in your luxury home. Even though you only have a small house of course if you can why not? You are free to use this design in any size house as you wish. Here are some of our selected marble floor design ideas that you can make inspiration.

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Home Patio ideas with Hanging Plants

7 Beautiful Hanging Pot Design Ideas To Decorate Your Front Porch

When buying plants, often we just put the pot on the floor or the ground. In fact, if the plants are hung can be a varied decoration as well as beautifying the garden and space. Making hanging pots is not difficult, only with used items at home, you can already make beautiful pots. Various reasons why hanging pots are chosen by many people to decorate their front porch. Besides being easily obtained, hanging pots for plants are also cheap in price. Its existence is also not sacral as eye freshener, but also air freshener.

Unfortunately, plants in hanging pots can also cause problems. Some types of plants that are complicated treatment will only make your hassles. Not to mention if the wrong arrangement will actually make your front porch look unkempt because it is too lush and irregular. Sometimes plants can dry up and die when we forget to water them for just one day. But actually as long as we can be patient and care for plants in hanging pots regularly there will be no problem in making beauty on the front porch of your house. And for the design, you can try to see some hanging pot designs below.

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Hue Lightstrip Plus

7 Best LED Strip Lights Design Ideas For Impressive Homes

Lighting is very important for home architecture design, both inside and outside the room. Areas with good lighting make us comfortable at any time and give guests a warm and friendly impression. One of them is the LED lights that illuminate the interior of your home, between chairs, tables and even mirrors in your home. The wide variety of LED lights on the market might tempt you to dress the house as you wish. But it must be remembered that your home requires a simple touch to emphasize the minimalist impression.

That way you can create beauty in your home and make your home more beautiful with various LED lights. There are many colors that you can try to light up your home of course. There are many home designs that use pretty colorful LED designs for you to use in your living room or other areas of your home. LED lights become one of the most popular types used in minimalist home interiors. Round or LED panel panels will give the impression of hidden light. The shape of the lights that seem ‘disappear’ is very typical with a minimalist theme. Here are some LED light design ideas that you can try to make to decorate your home.

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Living Room Material

8 Fabulous Mirror Design Ideas To Beautify Your Living Room

Not only to reflect on themselves when preening, but mirrors are also widely used to decorate the house. Not in the room, even more, mirrors placed in the living room to make it look more spacious and airy. The shapes used to decorate also vary, from square to round mirrors. So as not to take up a lot of mirrored places, this is usually hung on the wall. But it is not always a beautiful mirror in the living room that must be hung on the wall, you can also place it under a large mirror because it is vulnerable to fall and cause a high risk.

In making a large room can be achieved in various ways, one of them by creating a visual illusion. Mirrors are widely used to create the illusion of a limited size room, giving the feel of relief and space in a room that was crowded. So basically, you can use a mirror as a medium to make your small living room more spacious or just use a mirror as a beautiful decoration in your living room. And to give you a reference, we have collected several mirror design ideas for your living room. Here are some beautiful mirror design ideas that you can try.

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Living La Vida Lise

9 Impressive Wooden Deck Design Ideas For Outdoor Living Rooms

An outdoor wooden deck is an interesting idea to enhance the beauty of the area outside your home. The outdoor wooden deck you can also create for you to use as a place to relax or as a family room (living room). That way you can make a new design to get the right comfort for you to feel in your home. In making your own wooden deck you must pay attention to several things that can affect the costs you will incur. Examples such as the material you will use in making your outdoor wooden deck. Different types of wood so different prices you can spend.

If inside the house there is wood or parquet flooring, then outside the house there is wood decking. Because of its installation outdoors, this wooden deck is often also called outdoor decking. Many people more often use wood decking as a way to make their garden look stylish during a barbecue party, dinner, or outdoor living room. This type of outdoor flooring is also used as a pool decking. The wooden deck itself began to appear in the world of design and decoration around the 1960s. At that time wood building materials dominated the market industry because of the large number of materials obtained from forests such as cedar, oak, maple, or redwood that were of very good quality. And for those of you who want to create a wooden deck for your outdoor living room, you can try to take inspiration from some of the design ideas below.

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